beach erosion
Beach erosion is common
in the Maldives



Groupers are very important for the sustainability of a reef ecosystem. In order to sustain the groupers stock, we need urgent actions such as closuring of fishery during the spawning season and imposing an export restriction. Increasing awareness among stakeholders is also vital for management of a sustainable groupers fishery. For more detail of our save gourper campaign read 'Save Groupers of Maldives'.


Save Marine Turtle Campaign was initiated as first Bluepeace campaign on 1st January 1990 by sending more than one thousand New Year greeting cards to policy makers and to the Public.

Under this Campaign thousands of T- shirts with the banner "save marine turtles" was printed and distributed in freely in the Maldives since 1990.
In 1991 thousands of stickers were printed and were distributed nation wide.

Numbers of articles were written and published in local daily newspapers and magazines.

Initiated and presented papers on turtle conservation issues, school, community and national level.

Following the invitation extended by the President of the Maldives to national environment NGOs Bluepeace Director Administration, Mr Mohamed Shuja met H.E. Mr. Maumoon Abdul Gayoom before the Rio Summit in 1992. Mr Shuja discussed with President Gayoom the issue of marine turtle conservation as priority issue of Bluepeace in that meeting.

Still Bluepeace tries to create awareness on the issue of protecting nesting beaches and harvesting of turtle eggs, and campaign against total harvesting of eggs and for protection of nesting beaches. For more detail of our position on turtle conservation read 'Marine Turtles in the Maldives'.


Save Seabirds Campaign was launched on 5 June 1995, the World Environment Day. Bluepeace appealed government leaders to protect seabirds by sending appeal letters and issued press releases. A number of articles were written in journals and newspapers. School children and public were informed during workshops the importance of seabirds to our fisheries and for ecosysytem. Under the campaign Bluepeace is already in the process of publishing a poster and a book on birds of the Maldives.